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We have a roof!  SureTight was able to deliver our roof panels last Thursday (Oct 20th).  It proceeded to rain on Friday.  So, on Monday, Rafael and his crew put up the entire roof in one day.  If I am correct, it took the crew 6 whole working days to build the house from foundation to roof.  We are impressed.

Now, we have a shell to show people during the Passive House tour this Sunday!

Roof Setting

Roof Setting 2

Roof Setting 3

Roof Setting 4

Roof Setting 5

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 3


Here’s the video of the roof set.  Check it out!




Second Floor Done

After losing three more days to rain, we are back on track!  Intellistructures spent one day building the upper level floor system and one day putting the second floor together.  That leaves the roof panels to be set, which will hopefully happen on Monday.  By then, we will have the SIPs shell and be ready for roof dry-in and outsulation to be attached.  Similar to the foundation, two inches of EPS foam will be attached to the outer skin of the SIPs panel going from roof, walls down to where we left off on the foundation walls.  Stay tuned!

2nd Floor North View

2nd Floor South View

Interior View

12 Inch (R-46) Roof Panels

More SIPs Construction

The speed of SIPs construction is impressive.  It’s only Day 3 and the project is already looking more like a house.  Here are some pics of our progress this week.

Day 2

Day 2-2

Day 3

Setting LVL Beam

Forklifting upper level panel

Finishing upper level

First day of SIPs construction

There was no building inspector holding us back, no buckets of rain coming down and the SIPs panels are finally onsite, what a great day to build a house!  With all the stars finally aligned, Intellistructures started putting the SIPs together.

SIPs are essentially two pieces of plywood (OSB) skins sandwiching a block of styrofoam which actually make them pretty light and relatively easy to handle.

Putting up SIPs

The East wall was erected within a couple of hours.

Erecting South Wall

Here’s the South Wall (with a large window opening) being erected.

Insulated Header

Instead of using a block of lumber for structural headers, here’s our site-finished insulated header using a 4 inch SIPs panel.

Installing Header

East Wall (Outside View)

It’s already starting to look like a house.

SIPs are here!

After delays of every possible kind which I can’t bear to relive by writing about them, we finally have our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).  SureTight delivered them this morning.  For the walls, they are 8.25 inches thick (7.375″ Neopor EPS), giving us an R-Value of 35.  For the Roof, we’ll have 12.25 inch (11.375″ Neopor EPS), giving us R-53.  These R-values are not exact due to some lumbers between the panels.

Intellistructures will begin putting up the panels on Monday.  We hope to have a dry-in shell by the end of the month.

Here are some pics.

8.25" Neopor SIPs

More SIPs


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