Design Objective

Working with our architects, ZAVOs Architecture & Design, we came up with the following design objective:

Our objective is to create a unique and comfortable home that addresses both the basic needs of living and the progressive ambition to drastically decrease energy demands of single-family dwellings. Employing the Passivhaus approach, this home is designed to be air-tight and super-insulated to minimize active heating & cooling. Using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), triple-glazed windows, and an EPS outsulation system, this home has an extremely robust thermal envelope. An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is used to constantly exchange indoor and outdoor air to ensure ultra-healthy indoor air quality and balanced ventilation at all times. A high-efficiency reversible mini-split system delivers the very small heating and cooling needs on the more extreme days of the year. Functionally, this home provides generous and logical living and entertainment space suitable for today’s American family. With our energy future in mind, the roof is solar-ready, designed to take full advantage of solar energy and the garage is wired for electric vehicles. The exterior responds to the traditional American suburban neighborhood in scale and texture while its features signal energy-use consciousness, social involvement, and minimalism. The second-story green roof provides a semi-public space that invites community interaction.


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