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On Market!

With a slightly heavy heart, we are here to announce that the Arlington Passivhaus is on the market.  The blog will continue because we are still going to be testing and monitoring this home’s performance while the home is on the market and will continue to report our findings.

We will also continue to hold tours for anyone who is interested in learning about the Passivhaus and how to actually build one.

This is not the “end of an era” but we want to drop a quick “Thank You” to all our readers, advisors, advocates, neighbors, friends, family, the Arlington County, the Passiv House community and everyone who had a role in making this project possible for their support up to now.  We will continue to need it as we move forward.

Here’s our virtual tour slide show

See here for the full listing

Here’s D.C. Curbed’s article on our house

Oh! Almost forgot.  OPEN HOUSE this Saturday (6/16) 1-4pm

4616 8th Street S., Arlington VA 22204



We have a roof!  SureTight was able to deliver our roof panels last Thursday (Oct 20th).  It proceeded to rain on Friday.  So, on Monday, Rafael and his crew put up the entire roof in one day.  If I am correct, it took the crew 6 whole working days to build the house from foundation to roof.  We are impressed.

Now, we have a shell to show people during the Passive House tour this Sunday!

Roof Setting

Roof Setting 2

Roof Setting 3

Roof Setting 4

Roof Setting 5

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 3


Here’s the video of the roof set.  Check it out!



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