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Sneak Preview

The landscaping is almost complete.  We are almost done inside too.  Eric and I are seriously having mixed feelings.  We are relieved that this home is built but at the same time, we are getting really attached to it….  Well, it’s almost time to let it go.  We plan to put it on the market next week and have our official Open House on Saturday June 16th from 1-4pm, so if you are in the area, be sure to stop by.

Here’s a sneak preview and some highlights of our landscaping.

Front View

Front view 2

Our extensive landscaping, carefully designed and installed by Scott Brinitzer and his team really help accentuate the modern design of the home.  The trees soften the hard/straight lines of house while the hardscape reinforces the orientation of the different parts of the building.  Using little bamboo plants and sedums as ground cover, he created connections with the extensive interior use of bamboo and the sedums on the green roof.  Scott’s design also incorporates a very smart storm water management technique by guiding excess storm water through various parts of the yard and allows the soil to soak up storm water along the way.  By slowing water down and absorbing it as much as possible, this yard significantly reduces storm water runoff.

Here’s a full frontal:

Full Frontal

Here are some nice landscaping details:

Pea Gravel Path

Using trees as fencing, the boundary with the neighbor is softened.  The pea gravel walkway offers a path to slow down and truly enjoy the garden.  Plus it really gives you that Zen feel.  The steel edging around the path gives the path a very crisp feel.


Pea gravel path

Views from the top

From the Green Roof


From the Green Roof 2

It’s only been a couple of weeks but the sedums on the green roof are really thriving.

Green Roof

Green Roof 2

Here are some new interior shots


Living room

Stair Case

MBA Shower

Foyer “Genkan”


A little more progress…

A few things got done since we last posted.  Little by little this home will cross that finish line…

We finally installed the metal roof.

Metal Roof Installation

After a few spring rains throwing kinks into the schedule, Ruff Roofers was able to come and install the standing seam roof.  We decided to use a metal roof for a few reasons.  First, it should last almost forever.  Second, if the homeowner chooses to add photovotaics onto the roof, they just need to clip them on instead of having to nail or screw the modules to the asphalt roof.  We had Ruff Roofers add extra clips to make the metal roof extra secure in case solar panels are added at a later date.


I really don’t like gutters.  This is mainly because without gutters the facia just looks so much cleaner.  Well, we do have a full basement so, we had to give in.  At least Ruff Roofers did such a nice job with these half round gutters and the round downspout that I am even beginning to like the look.

Kitchen Cabinets arrived

Kitchen Cabinets

Thanks to Amicus Green Building Center, we were able to get our kitchen cabinets very quickly.  These cabinets were manufactured locally (NC, I think), with no VOCs, formaldehyde, hazardous air pollutants, etc.  They turned out beautifully.

Landscaping work also began outside.


Our friend, neighbor and landscape designer Scott Brinitzer’s landscaping team started the work of transforming this extremely well-compacted (nothing grows!) site into an amazing landscape.  We can’t wait to seeing the results.  We think it will knock your socks off!

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