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Arlington Passivhaus Art Gallery

Today, we are not featuring energy performance, mechanical systems, or building science.  Those things are what makes a house operate but they do not make it a home.  We believe a truly good home is one that stands in the intersection between art and science.  This is not a new idea, Apple’s entire product line is based on that concept. We need the science for the performance but we always need the art to evoke our imagination and feelings.

We’ve decided to feature art work that we have a strong connection to.  If you come visit our project, you will see these oil paintings done by Dr. Jesun Lin, a prominent physician and increasingly noted abstract painter living in Taiwan.  He is also our dad.

Hmm, perhaps that’s where our contemporary taste came from…

Upper Gallery

With these paintings, the space really comes alive.

“Sunshine” in the kitchen

Lower Gallery

Dad practices medicine in Changhua Taiwan, he is most well-known for his innovative surgical techniques in hypospadias repair.  His paintings have exhibited at the Salon d’Automne and Salon du Printemps in Paris, France.

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