A little more progress…

A few things got done since we last posted.  Little by little this home will cross that finish line…

We finally installed the metal roof.

Metal Roof Installation

After a few spring rains throwing kinks into the schedule, Ruff Roofers was able to come and install the standing seam roof.  We decided to use a metal roof for a few reasons.  First, it should last almost forever.  Second, if the homeowner chooses to add photovotaics onto the roof, they just need to clip them on instead of having to nail or screw the modules to the asphalt roof.  We had Ruff Roofers add extra clips to make the metal roof extra secure in case solar panels are added at a later date.


I really don’t like gutters.  This is mainly because without gutters the facia just looks so much cleaner.  Well, we do have a full basement so, we had to give in.  At least Ruff Roofers did such a nice job with these half round gutters and the round downspout that I am even beginning to like the look.

Kitchen Cabinets arrived

Kitchen Cabinets

Thanks to Amicus Green Building Center, we were able to get our kitchen cabinets very quickly.  These cabinets were manufactured locally (NC, I think), with no VOCs, formaldehyde, hazardous air pollutants, etc.  They turned out beautifully.

Landscaping work also began outside.


Our friend, neighbor and landscape designer Scott Brinitzer’s landscaping team started the work of transforming this extremely well-compacted (nothing grows!) site into an amazing landscape.  We can’t wait to seeing the results.  We think it will knock your socks off!


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