A little closer still…

Progress always seems slow to a crawl but money seems to fly at the last stages of a project.

This week Robye Stucco came back to complete the EIFS work.

At first we were not so sure about our color selection.  When they first put it on, the green was so bright, I was shocked.  As it dried out, it really settled into a nice green.  I like it more everyday.

The siding is almost completed too.  The siding is a cementitious shingle siding made by Nichiha.  It is very similar to James Hardie but Nichiha is a little thicker.  We also really like the color that they came in.  It works well with the green stucco.  We’ll leave it up to the buyer to paint it if desired.

Here’s a view of the west side.  The garage will be able to fit two cars (not your ginormous SUVs), sort of a rarity in Arlington to have a 2-car garage but we were lucky to have a wider than standard lot to fit this luxury in.  However, in hope that the future owner will not contribute too much to CO2 emmissions, the garage is wired for electric cars.

The roof deck cantilevers above the side entrance allow for protection from weather when you enter the home from the side entrance.

Here’s the back or the south side.  Like any good southern exposure home, we have the majority or our glazing on this wall.  As you can see the 3ft long overhang of the roof shades most of the second floor windows from excessive sun light.  The first floor is more exposed but motorized exterior shades are on their way!

In all of these pictures you can also see the beautiful wrought iron railings that Reliable Rails fabricated for us.  We initially wanted to use cable rails.  After looking at the selections available, we just didn’t feel comfortable with cables that can sometimes get loose.  After some thought and looking at the neighborhood homes, which are mostly built in the 30s-40s and all have wrought iron rails.  We decided that it was a good way to tie our home in with the rest of the neighborhood.  Additionally, wrought iron rails are fabricated locally and can be customized.  Reliable Rails did a great job with it.

Another thing I want to point out is the window trim/flashing detail.  I love that deep sill and the windows look really great sitting back into the wall.

That’s it for today.  Stay tuned.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Greg on 2012/03/29 at 4:56 pm

    Looking good! Does this house have a buyer? What’s the price looking like?


  2. Thanks Greg. We don’t have a buyer yet. In fact, it’s not on the market yet. We are still crafting our marketing strategy. I think an unique home requires an unique marketing strategy.

    Sale price will be revealed when it goes on the market.


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