Arlington Green Living Expo

We exhibited over the weekend at the Arlington Green Living Expo

This was our second year there. We love this little local event because many of our friends exhibit there too.  It was very cool to introduce people to our project and our company and awesome to see people who came to talk to us last year, as we are finishing things up and putting the home on the market shortly.  We also got to sit next to David, Izumi and Mike of  We had a good time hanging out.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

We sat directly from the nature center, which had a bike with a generator that converted kinetic energy to electricity.  Man, it was hard to make enough juice to power a hair dryer.

I guess I couldn’t power a passive house all by myself.  The heating and cooling consumption of our Passice House is about two 2 hair dryers.  I guess I should tell whoever that buys it not to use hair dryers.

Here’s our floor plan:

Overall, the event was a success, we signed up about 50 people to come to our Open House.

Oh, here’s our poster.


Also, if you don’t live close enough to come see the house, here’s a model of our house that you can cut, glue and build yourself.  Have fun!



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