APHN: Passive Passion not Passive Aggression

The American Passive House Network (APHN) is two weeks old!  See http://www.aphnetwork.org/

See http://bruteforcecollaborative.com/bfc/blog/ for the two week birth announcement 🙂

I personally am extremely glad that such a platform exists now for PH designers, architects, engineers, builders… on the ground just doing their work.  Passive House/Passivhaus no matter how you spell it and no matter how you measure it (metric or imperial) it, is something that needs to be nurtured.  If PH is to become the mainstream building standard as it has become in Europe, people involved in PH in the U.S. and internationally need to work really hard and in solidarity to make it happen.

“The Americans will always do the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.” — Winston Churchill

We simply cannot and do not have time to waste on the alternatives.

I am sure many others feel the same way I do about the break up.  We were the children of two divorcing parents who continue to be aggressive against each other.  The good thing is we really should not feel the need to choose sides, in fact, it probably benefits us the most if we continue to talk to both sides.  More importantly, we have each other.  I benefit loads everyday from all the PH individuals I correspond with.  It a great community of people who share knowledge and experience freely, so let’s continue to share as generously as possible with each other.  It’s a movement that should not be slowed down because of petty disagreements.

For those who are just getting into PH and not familiar with the breakup, don’t bother.   Just skip ahead and know that there are people out there building homes/schools/apartments for the future and join our efforts.  I did not know about APHN until about two weeks ago but I am really psyched!

I think a visual of why PH folks are such an obsessed, fanatical lot is helpful here.  This is a trailer to Charlie Hoxie’s Passive Passion, the official selection from the 2011 NY Architecture and Design Film Festival: http://vimeo.com/17874239 check it out!  You should really buy the movie for the full effect.  I did.



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