It rained and rained for most of the week.  We are finally seeing some sun today.  Here are some pictures of what the house looks like now.

We’ve attached the 2″ EPS to the outside of the Superiorwalls using fasteners and foam adhesives that do not burn foam.  The EPS goes to the bottom of the walls and will continue to the top of the roof.  In addition to adding about R-7.2 to the walls, this layer of outsulation breaks the thermal bridging in the walls and roof panels.  All part of a complete thermal envelope.

The next step is backfill.  It’s been in this state for about 2 weeks due to an inspection issue that has since been resolved (something I will definitely discuss at a much later date).  Rain didn’t help either.  So, I hope by Monday we’ll have some dry dirt to work with.  Looking forward to it.


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