Floor System Building

Intellistructures started building the floor joists today.  First, they secured the sill plate.  Then, they hanged these nifty Simpson joist hangers 24 o.c. directly on the sill plate and draping down on the concrete studs of the Superiorwalls.  The SW concrete stud-face will provide an excellent place of support for the joists once they are set into the hangers.

This is cool because these hangers eliminated the need for the band joist (see below).

In conventional building, this 2″ thick piece of lumber is the only thing between the inside of the house and the outside.  Since it surrounds the entire outer envelope of the house, it is frequently one of the weakest points in air-tightness and if not insulated properly, it is prone to heat loss.  Using the joist hangers allow us to completely eliminate this weak point altogether and our floor joists look like this:

The subfloor will sit directly on top of the floor joists. The SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) will sit directly on top of the sill plate.  No band joist to worry about!

We used I-joists to build the floor system.  This is a relatively common practice that replaces the traditional 2 by solid lumber with I-Joist, an engineered wood product that consists of recycled wood pieces and smaller pieces of solid lumber.  It is not only more sustainable, it will not bow, crown, twist, cup, check, or split as would a dimensional piece of lumber.

The crew also installed a ginormous piece of steel  today.  A 31 ft long steel column that probably weighed literally a ton.  I am still not sure how five guys did it without any visible equipment.

Well, it’s there and it’s secure.  So, I won’t ask any questions.


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