After the Shake

We are very happy to report that after yesterday’s 5.8 earthquake and a number of after shocks, Weaver’s Superiorwalls are intact.

Since we still haven’t backfilled yet I was quite concerned about the safety of the Intellistructures crew who were working on the floor joists above the walls.  Apparently, Charlie had his crew trained to walk the balance beam really well so no one fell!  Can they do other acrobatics?

Secondly, we were concerned about the walls moving because there were no external support from the backfill yet.  This morning, we carefully examined the wall connections to the crushed stone footing.  There were no visible shifting or movement from where the walls were originally placed or any loosening of the gravel footing.  So, at this at this scale and at this magnitude, I agree with Frank Lloyd Wright’s observation that crushed stone footings are “perfectly static”.

We also examined carefully each of the panels for any damages or cracks.  There were none.  So, good casting Weaver Precast!

We carefully examined the concrete slab poured last week.  The slab looked great and the strength of that slab probably contributed to the foundation holding together too.  So, good casting North Star!


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