Globalization of windows and doors (Mostly Europeanized)

Just got an email from our windows and doors supplier, the manufacturing have completed and they will ship next week.  Where are they shipping from?  Lithuania.  People don’t usually think of Lithuania as the destination for windows and doors but I think our friends at Intus Windows have put it on the map.

Windows manufacturing have globalized just like automobiles, computers and everything else.  The parts are sourced all over the world and assembled in a plant somewhere and shipped to an end user somewhere else.

In our case, the profiles (frames) are made in Germany by Innoutic, which is now part of Deceuninck, a Belgium company. They are the world’s leader in UPVC (Unplasticized PVC) window construction.  Our glazings (glass) are made by  Guardian in the United States.  They are the maker of most glazing you see on large commercial buildings.  The spacers are made by SGG Swisspacers, a Swiss company.  In my opinion, they make the best window spacers.  Well, there you have it, a tour of America and Europe and now, they are being loaded on a ship to come back to America.

For a more technical discussion on super-efficient windows and doors, see:


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