Bethesda Passivhaus Grand Opening

Went to the grand opening for the Bethesda Passivhaus.  It was a good turn-out.  The house was indeed beautiful with very nice finishes throughout.  More importantly, it was very comfortable.  It was about 95 degrees when I arrived, the house felt cool but no blasts of cold air anywhere, just cool throughout.  Instead of hearing an outdoor air-conditioning unit laboring away, I heard the quiet whisper of the ERV blending the air slowly.  The house is cooled by a small mitsubishi mini-split that is integrated into the ventilation system, which delivers the conditioned air to the entire house.  A different approach from our HVAC design but definitely effective.  In fact, their HVAC design integrated both heating and cooling with the ERV, which I believe is unique in all passive houses.

Here are the specs of the house

Chelsea Lane stats020

For those who aren’t as interested in the building specs, be sure to look at the last few $ numbers.  For $600 you can heat and cool the house for a whole year! The projected total energy cost is $1738/yr.  Remember, this is a 4400 sqft house.  A conventionally built home of the same size would cost $7,531/yr to operate.  Move in and save some money.

Great passive house!


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