Lesson 2: How to turn ashes to gold

Previously posted on our FB Page:

I couldn’t believe it when I received the county real estate assessment notice a couple of weeks ago.  A miracle had occurred!

As some of you know, we donated the house to the ARL Co. fire department for a controlled burn exercise.  Now, the house before the burn was definitely uninhabitable.  I think back then, you could potentially argue that the parts, if taken apart and sold for scraps, may be worth $48,700 (Assessed value 2010).

The FD burned it in October 2010 and therefore, turned it into a heap of burned remains of a house.  I actually think it should have a negative value due to the various potential liabilities this heap now represents.  The RE assessment department turn my ashes to gold!  The assessment for the improvement (house) actually came out to be $52,200.  That is a $3500 increase. Amazing!


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